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We know what college coaches are looking for and we will let you know if you are not presenting that as a player and as a student. 


  • True and Honest evaluations of your skills  

  • Proven programs that if you execute will improve your skills 

  • By Monthly every month re-evaluations of your skills and tuning up of your program

  • Our “active” recruitment actions. 

    • We call coaches and sell them on you but since our reputation depends upon our honesty we will not sugar coat what we say to these coaches. We pride ourselves on being able to look at a player and see if they are serious about playing at the collegiate level

Bi-weekly check-in 

The college scholarship program is part of the real world. Coaches careers depend on how well their teams perform on the court in the classroom and as part of society. Do not underestimate how critically you will be looked at.  A coach not only looks at how well you play on the court but whether you are likely to threaten their career.


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