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Top 5 Things You Must Do Right Now To Get Recruited

1. Get a skills evaluation from a trusted source on what skills you MUST have to get recruited. This includes an evaluation of where you are at right now in comparison to where you need to be. A trusted source is probably not your basketball trainer or parent. This needs to be someone who has played, coached, developed and moved players to the next level.

2. Clean up your social media account and start BEING the person and player that four-year coaches want to recruit. They want someone who will help them win, works hard, is coachable, goes to class and creates a winning environment within their team.

3. Raise your basketball IQ. Understand the game for yourself, be able to watch a game and know what offense or defense the other team is running. Know what skills you will need to be successful in those situations.

4. Get faster and stronger! Athletic skills alone will not take you to the next level or give you success. But having the right skills and increasing your athleticism will take your game to the next level.

5. Most importantly have someone on your side who four-year coaches know, trust and call to help them recruit the right student-athletes for their programs. Someone who can identify talent, who knows which skills fit which level and understands what qualities student-athletes must have to help them win games.

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