It seems like we are in a time with youth sports where the purpose of playing the sport they are in has less to do with their self-determinism and their future and more to do with the status amongst their peers or at times their parent's peers. Success is an accumulation of accomplishments towards a purpose and goal that will better one's life. Basketball can be a vehicle to help one achieve those goals, but defining what those goals are by the player and for the player is essential to their success and their happiness. I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Emily Tincher who is currently playing at Vassar College, which is a Division III college. Emily turned down multiple Division I scholarships to make her decision to go to Vassar. She offers great insight into her decision-making process and her ability to maintain success and happiness. You can check out the episode on my youtube channel @courtsidewithjulz, apple podcast SHOOT LIKE A GIRL or click the picture below.

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